GutzlerlogoSilber100plVDP.ORTSWEIN – Sourced from superior soils

VDP.ORTSWEINE, or village wines, originate from a village’s good, traditional vineyards that are planted with grape varieties typical of their region. Yield restrictions are also a criterion for wines of this category.

Gutzler Westhofener Chardonnay

Westhofener Chardonnay trocken

Gutzler Grauer Westhofener Burgunder

Westhofener Grauer Burgunder trocken

Gutzler Westhofener Riesling

Westhofener Riesling trocken

 Gutzler Duerkheimer Silvaner

Dorn Dürkheimer Silvaner Alte Reben trocken 


Gutzler Gundheimer Dornfelder

Gundheimer Dornfelder trocken

Gutzler Westhofener Spaetburgunder

Westhofener Spätburgunder trocken