Deeply rooted

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The Gutzler family has been deeply rooted in Rheinhessian soil and wine cultivation for generations. Family spirit and mutual love for wine have brought about tangible heartiness as well as ripe high quality products. Experience and knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation. The aim will always be to successfully marry traditional craftmansship with modern day techniques to preserve the natural character of the wines.

Today father and son Gutzler manage the winery in together. Gerhard Gutzler decided 25 years ago to redirect the orientation of the winery radically. His son, Michael Gutzler, who has benefited from traineeships abroad and internships in renowned wineries, has cultivated a new view of looking beyond conventional horizons. Their mutual love for wine is concentrated on the king of all red varietals -  Pinot Noir, whose diversity is inexhaustable.

Experiencing Nature

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The harmony between climate, soil, vine and winemaker is essential in viticulture. As a result of a nature-oriented treatment and intensive nurture of the vines, the wines will display their soil- and varietal-characters.

The focus in our winery lies with Pinot Noir and Riesling. Other, for Rheinhessen classic varietals, like Silvaner, the other Pinot varietals and Dornfelder however, are also represented here.

Top-quality wines can only be achieved by a strong reduction in yields an on excellent sites. The soil of our best vineyards is comprised of loam and clay marl with a high quotient of limestone. The high density of the planting leeds to a competition amongst the roots, forcing them to grow downwards. Thus vines can draw more naturally sedimented minerals and water, even during dry periods. Finally the maintenance of the vines and reduction of the yields will strain the vines to a lesser degree resulting in a concentration of valuable components in the product.


Palatable Passion

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The grapes are processed with great attention to detail, preserving the natural ingredients. The careful handling of the crop allows the aromas to reveal the true character of the Terroir in the glas.

Following fermentation, the wines remain on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks of in wooden barrels in our picturesque chais, until bottling.

All our wines are being produced analytically dry, with the exception of a few noble rot products.

Guaranteed !!

Individual and Multidimensional

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Marketing and sales are principally effected via specialist wine shops or gastronomy. Portions of qualified products are being exported to wine-lovers, worldwide.

Private Customers are welcome to visit us at the winery to buy wines directly and/or take a tour through the winery. Please call us in advance however, to make an appointment.

Special Wine Tasting Events - as follows:

  • Early Sommer Tasting : 1. Saturday following Pentecost
  • Christmas Tasting: 1. Saturday in December

For further, more unusual and extraordinary events please visite our site more regularly.